5 Motherly Reasons Why Moms Work Harder Than Everyone Else

Women have had it, well harder than the rest – men. I know this might sound like I’m framing up a conversation about women’s rights or the like, but I’m not. Whilst sipping over my morning joe, I pondered something while one of my sons was climbing on the counter and throwing coffee cups into the kitchen floor below. Moms have it harder.

Now, some people will disagree. They’ll say that brain surgeons have a tough go. Or if you grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, then that might be reason to earn a pity party. But I disagree with those folks. You see, mothers have it harder and here’s my 5 reasons why:

  1. No time to yourself. From the time a baby comes into this world, the mother is there to nurture and care for the little one. And it doesn’t end as soon as breastfeeding is done. No way. Nurturing continues all the way through adulthood and into old age. Yes, children eventually become adults themselves, but a mother is always there to care for her baby, no matter what age.
  2. Children prefer their mother over their father. This is a bit of a stereotype. I guess it could be called that. But children will often want their mother for most things at a young age.
  3. Always on. People who compare mothering to 9-5 jobs are crazy. They’re crazy because a mother’s job is never done, nor is it ever reasonable to ask for time off. So a CEO of a fortune 500 company may be managing thousands of minions, but he can at least take a vacation from it all.
  4. With great power, comes great responsibility. Mothers have great power in that they are rearing future people. Despite the naysayers who diminish a mother’s work, it is without a doubt the most important work there is.
  5. Multiple jobs. Many women nowadays are working not only a job as a mother, but also a career, and as partner in a romantic relationship as a wife or girlfriend.

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