Daily Readers, Top 3 Hilarious Mommy Blogs of 2015

We’ve all been there as Moms. Kid’s doing crazy things. Dogs running around also acting crazy. Appliances on the fritz. Work, school, running errands… The sometimes wacky dynamics of married + parenting lives and everything that ensues. That is why today, I want to pay tribute to a few Mommy blogs to read when you find yourself looking for a little mommy humor. First, let’s not forget about my favorite place for constant sanctuary and Mommy camaraderieBaby Center.

Brittany, Herself

brittany herself

I love Brittany’s blog because of her gusto. She’s a trailblazer who’s making waves and inspiring women to be proud of their bodies. I really think that she’s the first of many women who change the face of beauty for the better. I’m so tired of the sickly thin look we see in Cover Girl commercials and what is “supposed” to be sexy. Take a look at her blog and you’ll see that it’s not about what’s on the inside. No, beauty is rooted in what you choose to show people about yourself. Twitter | Facebook | Google+ | YouTube | Instagram | Tumblr



Smacksy is a simple blog I like reading because of how down to earth it is. There’s occasional bits of humor too, and those keep me coming back for my daily dose. I recommend this blog to anyone who’s a soon to be, new, or old (ick… sorry for the potential age mind-movie with the word “old”) mommy.

Beth Woolsey

beth woolsey

Oh baby! What a hoot I’ve had reading Beth’s blog. Her about page made me laugh my rear end off when she mentioned she was standing in a chicken coop, standing in chicken poop hahaha. I will be back Beth, because I relate to “being ankle deep” in life’s craziness with your partner at your side, and somehow it works. It’s also nice to hear from a mommy of 5! I only have 4 myself, but I can relate to starting out thinking it’d only be 2 or 3 and… and then 3 turned into 4. Hopefully we’re done at 4.










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