Top 3 Father’s Day Gifts for The Hunter


Father’s day is Sunday June 21st, 2015 and with it right around the corner, I thought I’d share some great gifting ideas for the hunters in your life. It turns out that men who hunt are more interested in practical devices to make their job easier. Imagine if you loved spending your weekends out in the bush, and then your wife gets you a new tie! Wouldn’t you rather open up a new GPS or something useful? That’s why I’ve created a list of my top 3 picks for gifts this year. Enjoy!

DJI PHANTOM 2 VISION+ – $1,169.00


I think I actually just try to come up with reasons for why I can justify buying one of these. Drones receive a lot of bad press, but one thing is certain and that is the fact these are super useful. Imagine yourself knee deep in the forest and you’re either lost or you’re just wanting someone to point you in the right direction. You open up a case, and out pops a drone. In minutes you’re flying high above the country and you can see herds, noisy campers and even hazards to avoid.



Every man needs a knife. Or at least that is what my Grand pappy used to say. Here’s a really solid and versatile tool from Cabelas. It comes with a pair of pliers, file, ruler, can opener, and all sorts of useful tools for hunting. With this baby in your pocket, you’ll never get stranded without the proper tool. Chances are, it’s in this mess of knives and blades.

That’s it for this year’s 2015 Father’s day gift ideas. Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re getting. Is it expensive? I know drones, while cool, are a top of the line gift and out of most people’s budgets.

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